Design of Learning Environment, Northwestern University (2011-present)
Created and taught graduate and undergraduate Learning Sciences course on designing instruction using the human-centered design process and methods from cognitive science, interaction design and lesson study.

Foundations of Learning Sciences (2016-present)
Created and taught graduate and undergraduate Learning Sciences course focused on building arguments based on Learning Sciences theory for research and practice.

Digital Design for Social Change, Northwestern University (2012-2014)
Created and taught undergraduate course on using interactive media to develop policy messages that educate and persuade.  Teaches fundamentals of: (1) analyzing policy texts, (2) conducting human-centered, iterative design and (3) programming interactive media including flash, html.

Civic Media :: Immigrant Voices, Chicago Public Schools (2012)
Designed the Immigrant Voices civic journalism curriculum which teaches students how to make 3-5 minute video documentaries about how policy affects their community. 

Programming usable interfaces, Carnegie Mellon University (2008)
Designed on-line assignments and taught flash programming to novice HCI programmers.

Educational Game Design, Carnegie Mellon University (2007)
Initiated and co-designed popular educational game design course and constructed on-line Flash game programming unit. 

Consultant - Critical Thinking, Carnegie Mellon University (2007)
Advised Department of Philosophy on design of Critical Thinking course.

Public Speaking, Carnegie Mellon University (2006)
Organized a public speaking group for students and faculty, which became the second highest rated Toastmasters club (of 68 across PA, WV & MD) within its second year.

Technology Consulting in the Community, Carnegie Mellon University  (2003)
Designed and taught summer course where undergraduate and graduate computer science students worked with local non-profit organizations to develop and implement technology projects.

TA - Technology Consulting in the Community, Carnegie Mellon University (2002)
Advised undergraduate and graduate computer science students working with local non-profit organizations to develop and implement technology projects.

Life Skills: Critical Thinking, Mongolia (2002)
Initiated project, wrote critical thinking lesson plans, and organized national network of after-school clubs that later became part of Mongolian Ministry of Health and Education official curriculum.

TEFL / Computers, School #12; Dornod Province, Mongolia (2000-2002)
Taught English as a Foreign Language at a K-12 school, and web-design at the community library.

Educational technology

  • Loft
    A “Facebook+coursera+basecamp for design projects,” an online learning platform for teaching civic innovation through crowd-critique an semi-automatic creation of case-libraries illustrating design principles.
  • Policy World
    A cognitive tutor embedded in an educational game for teaching policy argumentation.
  • Political Agenda
    A cognitive game for teaching about political ideology.
  • The Comprehension Tutor
    An intelligent tutoring prototype for teaching learners how to recognize causal claims.
  • iLogos
    Argument mapping software used in Department of Philosophy introductory courses.
  • The Causality Lab
    Served as lead software architect on science inquiry environment for teaching Causation and Social Policy.


PhD Theses

  • Daniel Rees Lewis, Coaching in Social Innovation Networks, PhD expected 2018
  • Natalia Smirnov, Infrastructuring Civic Education, PhD expected 2018
  • Spencer Carlson, Citizen’s Assemblies, PhD Learning Sciences, expected 2021

PhD Advising
To allow Ph.D. students to understand and participate in technological developments in their broadest possible contexts, we encourage students to rotate across labs in Learning Sciences, Design and Computer Science.  I regularly serve as a Rotation Advisor in Learning Sciences.

  • Natalia Smirnov, Learning Sciences
  • Daniel Rees Lewis, Learning Sciences
  • Gulu Saiyed, Learning Sciences
  • Jamie Gorson, Learning Sciences + Computer Sciences
  • Spencer Carlson, Learning Sciences
  • Anna Bethune, Learning Sciences
  • Emily Harburg, Technology and Social Behavior
  • Mike Greenberg, Technology and Social Behavior
  • Colin Fitzpatrick, Technology and Social Behavior
  • Alexis Hope, Technology and Social Behavior

Dissertation Committees

  • Christina Krist, SESP (advisor: Brian Reiser)
  • Sara D’Angelo, TSB (advisor: Mike Horn)
  • Mike Greenberg, TSB (advisor: Liz Gerber)
  • Jesse Sparks, SESP (advisor: David Rapp)
  • Patti Bao, TSB (advisor: Darren Gergle)

Master’s Thesis

  • Mingze Sun, 2017
  • Spencer Carlson, 2017
  • Joseph Schulman, 2016
  • Ellen Sarkisian, 2016
  • Deniz Alpay, 2016, 
  • Phoebe Pahng, 2015
  • Adam Lupu, 2013
  • Christina Haschka, 2013
  • Salwa Barhumi, 2012
  • Yelee Jo, 2011
  • Kristyn McCullom, 2011

Undergraduate & PostBac Advising

  • Spencer Carlson - 2016, undergraduate thesis
  • Betsy Cho - 2015, NSF REU
  • Alicia Karnjc - 2015, NSF REU
  • Carolyn Mazenek - 2015, user research apprentice
  • Brennan Antone - 2015, independent study
  • Lily Ho - 2015, independent study
  • Seph Lang - 2015, independent study
  • Kristen Zalenka - 2015, independent study
  • Isabel Ngang - 2015, user research apprentice
  • Josh Shi - 2015, user research apprentice
  • Justin Hatfield - 2014, independent study
  • Stacey Klingbeil - 2014, Design for America Fellowship
  • Rob Calvey - 2014, Design for America Fellowship