Design Research Methods

How do we develop theory that is useful in practice?  Digital studios, online deliberation platforms and cognitive games are examples of use-inspired, basic research that seeks to develop new solutions to learning problems while also developing theory that can guide future interventions,   My lab has developed new methods for design-based research that combine methods from modern human-centered design, cognitive psychology, and qualitative social-sciences research that allows us to more effectively conduct design research, train new researchers, communicate with other researchers and define the contributions of design research.


  • Design-based research process (Easterday, Rees Lewis, & Gerber 2014; submitted)
  • The products of design research (Easterday, Rees Lewis & Gerber, 2015; submitted)
  • EDGE Game design framework (Aleven, Meyers & Easterday, & Ogan, 2010)